Review these basics before you begin. This will provide much of the information you will need as you go through the setup process.


We highly recommend only using IMAP settings.

  • IMAP syncs your devices with our servers and any changes you make in one place will be made everywhere.
  • With IMAP, if you delete an email on your device, it is deleted from our server and other devices as well.
  • With IMAP if you move an email to a folder on one device, it is moved to the same folder on all devices.


Your username will be your full email address: (replace example with your domain)


You will be provided a temporary password to begin. If you want to change your password, you must log into Webmail and change it there.  Our guide for that is in the next section.

Incoming Mail Server

  • SSL
  • Port: 993

Outgoing Mail Server

  • SSL
  • Port: 465